Felix Grundy Stidger House Update

This update is being provided to give all interested persons in the progress of the rebuilding of the 1830’s home of the Union spy, Felix Grundy Stidger.  The home was originally listed on the National Register of Historic Places in February, 2016.

Work has continued in different areas since.  Among these are repairs to the roof, remove tar based siding, locks on doors, more clean up, continued lawn care and removal of some trees.  These efforts have served to stabilize the building.

We secured the services of an Architect to provide a drawing to give an idea of what a finished rebuilding project would look like.  The issue of the exterior, be it clap board siding, or exposed logs, has yet to be decided.  The roof will be shake shingles construction.  See before and hopefully after drawings!

The costs are uncertain at this time.  We have one quote, however we’re told we will need competing bids when we so submit an actual Grant application.

Grant applications are a process of contracting Foundations and finding there funding interests.  These can be as high as fifteen subjects down to the National Park Service with four categories.  They all require that you are a 501c3 nonprofit corporation.  Our areas seem to be Historical Restoration, Economic Development, Museums, and Natural Resources.

If anyone who reads this and has a background in Grant writing please contact us at mueller7270@twc.com.  We have posted a before and hopefully after picture to give an idea of the size of our project.  Any contributions can be made by going to stidger.org and click on the donation section.

We have our main focus now on the Stidger house.  This is only the tip of the historical items that exist in Taylorsville, Spencer County, and surrounding counties.  There are items to be saved, story’s to be told, and also, the yet to be discovered history that will come out once the attention is focused in the right places.  The start is with Stidger and the rehabilitation of the remaining history of downtown Taylorsville.  Once it starts there will be no stopping it!  We will continue to ask for your support.

Felix Grundy Stidger House – 2018

Architect Drawing of Rehabilitation